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Enhancing quality of life and contributing to a healthier lifestyle.

We are a fast growing company focussed on providing quality food that exceeds customer expectations. We are committed to building lasting relationships with our customers, partners and employees. We are striving to consistently improve existing products and bring out new ones through constant development and refinement.

Ready To Cook

Our ready to cook products are basically gravies / curry sauces which help one prepare the most authentic and traditional dishes. The original taste is maintained without the use of any preservatives. Our product range includes a wide variety of Indian dishes from across the different state of India. The recipes are created by a panel of culinary experts thereby assuring the most authentic taste to our preparations.

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Ready To Eat

Our ready to eat foods range includes a list of popular Indian dishes consumed by a majority of people across the world. Our products are cooked in the most traditional way by culinary experts by choosing specially selected vegetables , aromatic herbs , spices and natural ingredients to ensure that our customers get the right taste like home cooked food. Products are ready to eat and can be consumed directly with /without heating.

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Snacks & Frozen Foods

We have a wide range of frozen Indian snacks, ready meals and curry gravies. Our range includes Samosas, Parathas, Spring Rolls, Cheese Corn Nuggets, meal combos and curry gravies of popular recipes. Products are prepared by professionals in modern and internationally certified unit using high quality food material. We source authentic ingredients and raw materials straight from the producers and reliable vendors.

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Food Services
Quick Service Restaurants

Life has become fast and quick…. so are our eating habits. In a short span of time our ready to cook products gained vide market acceptability which led to the launch of our first quick service restaurant (QSR) in Thane, Maharashtra. Our QSR serves a wide range of snacks and popular Indian dishes.

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"There is no sincere love than, the love of food"

- George Bernard Shaw